Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment

Family Works Psychological Center


“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

Mark Twain

Do you want to stop worrying about things that may never happen? Do you want to be free from crippling anxiety and nervousness that get in the way of living? Do you want to get over unrealistic fears?

Family Works Psychological Center can help.

Anxiety is a psychological symptom that can take many forms, including excessive worry, nervousness, panic attacks, PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and phobias.

Anxiety disorders all have in common a constriction of one’s life by fear, sometimes to the point of feeling overwhelmed by the simplest things. Many times, the fear is not obvious but is experienced physically: sweating, racing heart, dizziness, trembling, shortness of breath, feelings of choking, nausea, or feeling detached from the world around you. The symptoms can be so severe that one’s life is restricted to a small, tight sphere of safety, to the exclusion of all the colors, tastes, activities, music, love, and friendship that life has to offer. Left untreated, anxiety can take over more and more of a person’s life until he or she feels paralyzed and unable to take even the smallest step outside his or her safety zone.

Worry about past events or the future takes us away from the here and now where life is lived. This moment is all we have and is all we are guaranteed. Worry may take us back to a past where we question our actions and responses to others and it takes us to a future that may never come to be. Worry takes us away from where we are, with our friends, families, and our work. Worry gets in the way of living fully.

Here at Family Works we will work with you to address the fears and worries that restrict you and rob you of the freedom to live a full and satisfying life.

We are a group of therapists and counselors that can help you address and cope with crippling worry and anxiety. In a holistic manner we address the present underlying components of anxiety to develop new ways of living. We help by identifying negative thoughts and behaviors which often maintain life-limiting anxiety. Collaboratively, we can help you develop new strategies and coping skills to live a more relaxed and worry-free life.

Our goal is to help you break free of the bonds of anxiety and fear so that you can function in a more satisfying manner at home and out in the world, with family, friends, and other people in general. We want to help you feel confident enough to live life to the fullest.

If you are plagued with anxiety and worry, we can help free you from a fear-driven life to one of calm and confident functioning, even when you are experiencing everyday stress. We provide timely and flexible appointments to help you start to make the changes that will free you from anxiety. We provide a compassionate and professional environment where you will receive personal attention to conquer anxiety and fears. At Family Works, we are committed to creating a comfortable setting that protects your privacy.

Other anxiety disorders inhibit us in social situations and limit our social interactions and relationships leaving us feeling alone and disconnected.

Panic disorders can restrict our ability to use transportation, to going out in open spaces, to be comfortable in enclosed places or even being outside our home. Panic attacks can make our hearts pound and race, cause sweating, trembling, shaking, shortness of breath, feelings of choking, chest pain, nausea or abdominal distress, dizziness, chills or heat sensations, numbness or tingling, feelings of unreality, feelings of being detached from oneself, fears of losing control, dying, and ‘going crazy.’

Our staff of caring professionals will collaborate with you to create a personalized and individualized approach to your specific problems.  We aim to provide the highest quality of professional, state of the art counseling and psychotherapy. We work in a conveniently located and discreet office building, and the accommodations are private, comfortable, and relaxed.

Call us today for an initial evaluation to see if treatment at Family Works is the best choice for you.

We are located in Wilmington, NC at 2002 Eastwood Road, Suite 305, in the Seatowers Building near Wrightsville Beach.

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